Hey guys (although we have no followers because this is our first post) but.. This is a fashion blog created by myself, Bry, and my best friend Mel. Our aim is to show that it's okay to shop for cheap and save a lot of money instead of breaking the bank each time. Also, we would like to show that even if you buy clothes for cheap and at bargain prices you can still look cute in what you're wearing:)

It's true! It's possible to be a bargain hunter (like myself) and find super cute apparel. Trust, me, I barely pay more than $10 for a shirt. Bry and I will show you plenty of ways to take something old or new and make it work to create a modern or vintage chic look. So, take a look and tell your friends. We really hope to inspire you. <3

yours truly,


  1. lovin the clothes. Can't wait to see what else you have.

  2. thank you @lilangel4lyfe. Please, tell your friends about us. we just started and want to get some followers.