Thrift Store Shopping Spree!!

Today Bry and I decided to visit four thrift stores to see what we'd find...and we found a lot, or at least Bry did (nothing i liked was in my size). But here are some of our finds:

Bry found this really cute navy blazer with a red lining inside. It cost $2!
She also found this brown over the shoulder bag.

Bry and I picked up these heels (hers are the wedges, mine are the black ones) at this thrift store and they only cost $9!

Look at that price! Now that is a super cute deal.

This is a cute purple handbag Bry bought, perfect to slap on with a cute outfit without a big bag overwhelming it.

So as you see, we have a lot of thrift stores in our area, very close to home, so search for thrift stores near you and see what great buys you can find.

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