Hey guys, I know we haven't posted in a while, I did a haul video and it included an outfit of the day but I could not get the video up for some reason after editing it, I'll have to try something else for the future but in the meantime, I will be posting up pics tomorrow of the things I bought and I'll still work on getting that video up...any suggestions, comments, tips are welcome thanks.


Just a Random Purchase

Today I bought this adorable floral jean jacket from the salvation army for $4. I just couldn't help myself, I was already thinking of things I could wear it with.

And just to let you guys know, it fits really well, so perfect. It has a cropped tight fit and the jean is very light, not like a heavy jean jacket.

No Blue Jeans Allowed!

Today I had to work and since we are not allowed to wear blue jeans I decided to wear this black and gray top with a purple skirt to contrast it out, paired with some flat sandals so I could stay comfortable.

Necklace from Wetseal for $5
Shoes (last year) $12.99
Skirt, thrifted for $8
Shirt, Express $8
Bow Belt from Mom
Headband, F21


Summer Sun-skirt

Today some guy comes up to me and says "I like your sundress," and I'm like this is a shirt and a skirt lol. But I still took the compliment.
What I'm wearing:
Old yellow and white shirt
Old navy skirt (thrifted)
Old Payless flats
Old Charlotte Russe necklace
Lol my whole outfit is old


All Under $7!

These are just some random things that Bry and I bought recently, just thought I'd share with you.

I got these brown sparkly sandals from Ross for $6.49. Love them!

This is Bry's black skirt from F21 (forever 21), she got it for like $3, on sale.

This gold quilted bag has a chain handle, which makes me love it even more, is from TJ Maxx for $3

I got this vintage handbag from Goodwill last week. The color is perfect, it goes with a lot of things.

I (bry) got this blazer from a CHKD for $1.99! It's so cute that it can be worn with dressy things like skirts and dresses or more casual with some skinny jeans:)

I also got this grey blazer for $3.99. what a steal!

This shoulder purse was only $3.89 and it's perfect because black goes with A LOT of other colors.

Here's an upclose picture to show the details of my purse:)


Outfit of the Day

So Me and Bry are going to try to do an outfit of the day daily as best we can, but here is the first one for today:

Romper $5 Walmart
Shoes $20 Target
Jean Jacket/Shirt $7 Walmart

Shirt $7.99 TJ Maxx
Shorts, cut off jeans
Sandals $6.49 Ross

Thrift Store Shopping Spree!!

Today Bry and I decided to visit four thrift stores to see what we'd find...and we found a lot, or at least Bry did (nothing i liked was in my size). But here are some of our finds:

Bry found this really cute navy blazer with a red lining inside. It cost $2!
She also found this brown over the shoulder bag.

Bry and I picked up these heels (hers are the wedges, mine are the black ones) at this thrift store and they only cost $9!

Look at that price! Now that is a super cute deal.

This is a cute purple handbag Bry bought, perfect to slap on with a cute outfit without a big bag overwhelming it.

So as you see, we have a lot of thrift stores in our area, very close to home, so search for thrift stores near you and see what great buys you can find.



Hey guys (although we have no followers because this is our first post) but.. This is a fashion blog created by myself, Bry, and my best friend Mel. Our aim is to show that it's okay to shop for cheap and save a lot of money instead of breaking the bank each time. Also, we would like to show that even if you buy clothes for cheap and at bargain prices you can still look cute in what you're wearing:)

It's true! It's possible to be a bargain hunter (like myself) and find super cute apparel. Trust, me, I barely pay more than $10 for a shirt. Bry and I will show you plenty of ways to take something old or new and make it work to create a modern or vintage chic look. So, take a look and tell your friends. We really hope to inspire you. <3

yours truly,